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Charleston, SC dock building

One of the most significant advantages to living in Charleston, SC is the many ways that there are to hit the open ocean and enjoy some time seaside. Whether you live or you play on the sea, a dock structure is a must to enjoy all that the water has to offer. Carolina Dock and Marine have a vast number of ways to maximize your water fun by enhancing your ocean accessibility and making things easier! We are the leaders in the dock building industry for a reason. We aim to solve problems, consider all things, and custom build a dock that will last.

Charleston Erosion Control

Due to the soil and ocean conditions of the Charleston area, erosion is a problem that has to be anticipated through erosion control strategies. The saltwater mixed with sandy conditions makes building docks to last a bit more problematic than in other regions. But we have the experience and know-how to be innovative to overcome the harsh conditions of South Carolina. We understand the hurdles that erosion can present and find solutions to even the toughest weather and regional-related issues.

Carolina Dock and Marine
Charleston SC Dock Building Services

At Carolina Dock and Marine, we offer the most innovative and unique marine structures imaginable. Our team of experienced experts can tackle any project that you wish. And our mission is always to get it right the first time, every time. Our dock configurations are explicitly built to withstand whatever the ocean can throw at them. And we professionally design each structure not just to your wants and specifications, but also with the structural integrity to ensure that you can enjoy it for decades to come. Because of our experience, we know what will work, and what will not, which means that you get the structure of you dreams with the lasting power to enjoy it for a very long time. Our services include:

  • Mechanical Boat Lifts
  • Dock Building
  • Drive-On Boat Lifts
  • Seawalls & Erosion Control
  • Boardwalks & Beach Access
Leading Charleston, SC Dock Building Experts

Whether you make a living on the ocean or you make your livelihood there, we design foolproof boating structures. We are the leaders in Charleston, SC dock building, because don’t just offer one-size-fits-all designs and plans. Our professional team seeks to provide our customers with a custom plan to meet the requirements of where it is placed and what its intended use is. After carefully considering all the elements that the structure will be exposed to, we devise the best way to build it. At Carolina Dock and Marine, we build projects not just how you want them, but in such a way that they last.

Trust our Expert Charleston, SC Dock Builders

We are leaders in the Charleston area because we examine the site before we ever put pen to paper to ensure that we are building structures according to its purpose, soil conditions, and erosion vulnerabilities. Our designs are unique and built to last through all of the hazards that they will no doubt have to endure.


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Other Charleston, SC Marine Construction Services

Although our specialization is dock building, we offer a wide array of other services, including seawalls, boardwalks, and beach access. So if you want to have a structure constructed that will last and is safe from the many harsh conditions present living in Charleston, SC, we are the experts to call. Let us customize your marine structure so that it is not only exactly what you want. And so that it also that it has the integrity necessary to stand the test of time. Contact us today to discuss your water-related project!

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