Composite Decking

It used to be much easier choosing what type of decking material to utilize when building a dock. Do you want wood, or wood? Now, there are multiple options available to help you build the dock of your dreams. Many options are customizable to your preference – there are several unique color choices and many different alternatives for material.

Composite decking has easily become one of the more popular choices amongst individuals. Why? There is far less maintenance incurred over the years and the lifespan outshines the majority of any other material. Let’s take a further look at composite decking and the many benefits of using it…

Composite decking is made up of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic (earth friendly). Because this material is so water tight and durable, it is resistant to rot and has a much longer lifespan than most. A dock made from composite is guaranteed to last 15-20 years however, they have been known to last much longer. So, what’s the catch? Why isn’t everyone going for this stable material? Composite decking costs a little more money up front however, if you factor in the cost of maintenance (minimal) as compared to other decking material, you will quickly realize that it’ll pay for itself in the long run.

Capped & Uncapped Composite Decking

Moving right along, there are currently two types of composite decking: capped, and uncapped.

Capped composite boards come with an exterior plastic coating. The plastic coating aids the boards in becoming highly resistant against fading and staining. This material is easy to wipe clean and maintains its color when exposed to the environment. Although uncapped boards do not come with the same protection against staining and color fading, they prove to hold up much better than the other decking materials and run a little cheaper than the capped boards.

Durability of Composite Decking

Another benefit of composite decking is its durability. Composite decking is designed for maximum longevity. It typically resists scratching, mold, and won’t rot, crack, or warp. It will not overheat and is splinter-free, making it safe and comfortable for family/friend events. As mentioned earlier, composite comes in numerous color options to match both your property as well as your personality. There are lots of other features as well that will help add to the customization process such as railings, stairs, gates, pergolas and furniture. The options are truly endless. What’s even better? Adding a deck to your home will increase the overall value regardless however, it’s said that homeowners can see as high as a 62.8% on investment for their composite decking addition. WOW!

There are lots of aspects to consider when customizing your gateway to the sea. We understand that building a dock may be quite intimidating considering all of the options available and that’s why we’re here to help. Bring us any questions you may have … we’ve seen just about everything and will be able to work with you to conquer your dreams! (843) 557-1234.