How to Hire The Best Dock Builders in Beaufort, SC

Dock Builders

One of the greatest bonuses to living in Beaufort is the vast amount of water sports to engage in! A dock is a must to take full advantage of accessing your waterway spot! But not all dock builders Beaufort, SC contractors are the same. The construction of a dock has to be just right to withstand the harsh punishment that salt water and marshes can throw at it.

Structure is Key…But We Understand Aesthetics too

That is why finding a contractor who knows how to choose the right materials, one who offers a vast number of options and colors, and one who can help to design a perfect dock to be your haven, is so important. Not only are we concerned with the structural issues related to building a lasting dock; we want to make sure that it is aesthetically what you want as well.

We Accommodate for Beaufort-Specific Considerations

The piers that we construct are typically between thirty and fifty feet and have 12’ poles with bracing to provide extra security. Due to the conditions of Beaufort waterways, treated wood is not a good option. The treatment is not sufficient enough to prevent worm infestations that can erode the structure of your pier. Only wood that is treated with 2.5 pounds of CCA protection can accommodate for natural pests. We know all the special considerations that you have to think about related to Beaufort and find solutions for them!

A Boat Lift is a Must to Protect One of Your Greatest Investments

A boat lift is a perfect addition to conveniently store and dock your boat. Since your boat is a significant investment, it is crucial to design a boat lift that is built from aluminum, stainless steel, or hot dipped galvanized piping. The coast of Beaufort is prone to hurricane and other storm challenges that need to be addressed with hardy enough materials to withstand whatever nature can throw at it. We understand that special considerations need to be made due to the turbulent nature of the coast and ensure that we are the dock builders Beaufort, SC company that builds to last.

You Might Not Have to Replace it…We Are Experts in Repair too!

We are also experts in dock repairs. Docks have a shelf life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to tear out your old dock and replace it with a new one. We work with your existing structure to reinforce it with better materials to provide longevity. Our team of professionals can troubleshoot the best way to bring your dock back to life without starting from scratch. And we always seek to work within your budget to replace what we can to save you money, while still building the dock of your dreams.