How About a Dock for Christmas?

Although we often think of Christmas packages that we can put into shiny boxes with bows for under the tree, sometimes the best gifts aren’t wrapped. If you have been considering building a dock over the past year, now might be a perfect time to treat you and the family to it! The weather might be cooling down, but it will take dock builders a while to get a plan together, the project approved, and begin. So if you want to be dock-ready for spring, now is a perfect time to start the dock building process and surprise the family with the anticipation of an awesome water fun spring to come! These are just some of the reasons why a dock would make a great gift!

A Family That Plays Together

Give your family the gift of time together by investing in a dock this holiday season. Although you can’t have a bow on it waiting, what you can have is the anticipation of family time for seasons to come! Get the whole family together not just for the planning process, but for seasons to come, enjoying water activities together and creating memories for a lifetime.

It is not Just a Gift but an Investment Too!

Adding a dock is not only an excellent gift to give your family; it is an investment that will add equity to your home. Most Christmas gifts don’t have much value after given; in fact, they tend to depreciate. Building a dock for your family as a gift for the upcoming year ahead will also make your home worth more. So it is a dual gift, one for your future, and one for your future fun!

It can be Surprisingly Affordable

Docks come in all types of shapes, sizes, and various material options. If you think that one is outside your price range, you might want to reconsider. A dock is something that you might have to invest in upfront, but the amount of fun that you can have with your family is priceless. Many dock builders will work within your budget to come up with a plan that will work within your constraints, but not sacrifice the overall goal of it, which is summertime fun!

Commitment Breeds Motivation

If you have been talking about getting a dock for a while, but can’t seem to pull the trigger, now is the time! If you commit to drawing the plans and getting the permits this winter, then you will be spring-ready when the time comes. That way, you won’t find an excuse again to wait another year. What are you waiting for? The more time you waste, the less time you will have to enjoy. Start the process now, so that 2020 will be your year to follow through!

Most families have all they need this holiday season already. Instead of spending money on more toys or jewelry this holiday season, invest in a dock and entertain the whole family. Since part of the fun is in the planning, do it together and enjoy the planning stage as well as the finished product. A dock is something that you will cherish forever, not just a couple of months.

Carolina Dock and Marine are experts dock builders who would love you spread the joy this holiday season by helping your family create the dock of your dreams, within budget, and one that the whole family will enjoy for years to come! Contact us today to discuss the plans for your exciting new dock!