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Myrtle Beach Dock Builders

The main reasons why people love living in Myrtle Beach, SC is the weather and the water. If you want to have maximum fun, a dock is the best way to take full advantage. Carolina Dock and Marine offers a wide array of everything dock and boat-related. We are leaders in the industry of dock building mainly because of our experience and expertise. Allow the leading Myrtle Beach dock builders to build a gateway to the sea for you!

Erosion Control

One of the things that Myrtle Beach residents fear most is erosion. Due to the nature of the soil conditions and seawater, erosion is just a part of life when living on South Carolina’s shores. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. We know how to combat the harshest conditions of Myrtle Beach so that you can enjoy your dock for years to come with needing repairs, or worse, replacement!

A Leader in Dock Building for Myrtle Beach, SC

Whether you work hard by the water or you play harder, our foolproof construction is a must! Our building experts are the leading Myrtle Beach dock builders! Unlike other dock builders, we offer more than just a one-size-fits-all solution to your waterway access project. After sitting down and discussing your needs, our team of professionals troubleshoot the best way to approach your project to make sure that it provides all the features you require and need with an innovative approach.

Carolina Dock and Marine
Our Services

At Carolina Dock and Marine, we handle a variety of water-related dock issues. Our team of builders can take a project from start to finish, and ensure that everything is built right the first time, every time. Our dock configurations, erosion control solutions, and boat lifts are among the most innovative in the industry. We take great pride in continuing to find state-of-the-art technology and products to build a dock that will last for decades! Our services include:

  • Dock Building
  • Mechanical Boat Lifts
  • Boardwalks & Beach Accesses
  • Drive-On Boat Lifts
  • Seawalls & Erosion Control
Myrtle Beach Dock Builders

People want to use docks for all sorts of reasons. Whether you are a fisherman, you need a dock to tie your boat down, or you want one just for relaxing and sunbathing, we have a great design for you! Since your location determines what types of conditions the dock will be subjected to, we design the dock according to what you need. And we ensure that it is built to be exactly what you want!

Other Myrtle Beach Marine Construction Services

Although our specialty is dock building, we offer a rwide range of other waterfront services like sea walls, beach access, and boardwalks. Whether you are trying to protect your waterfront from flooding and erosion, or you want to create a haven by the sea, we can design and build the water structure of your dreams. Contact us today to get your project underway!


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